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My Diamond Spread Tarot Reading

Foundation: Eight of Coins

Coins are also referred to as pentacles and may be represented by a five pointed star in a circle, or a coin decorated with a five pointed star. They correspond to the playing card suit of Diamonds. This suit represents the element Earth, and the social class of Merchants. Coins are considered a Feminine suit. Coins typically represent material wealth and possessions, the body and health, and the environment of the questioner.

The Eights typically concern solidity, thick walls, skill, patience, achievement, change, and future contentment. Eights may also concern being enmeshed in the material world, trapped, caught between a rock and a hard place, revolution, travel, and showing strength to move quickly and escape a difficult situation.

Apprenticeship. Education. Quality. Engagement.

An artist at his work. A steady hand. Stable growth. Work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, skill in craft and business, perhaps in the preparatory stage. Steady patience with achievement kept in mind.

First Force: Queen of Swords

Swords were typically depicted with curved blades in ancient tarot decks to distinguish them from staves. They correspond to the playing card suit of Spades, (in Italian, spada means sword). This suit represents the element Air, and the social classes of Nobility and Military. Swords are considered a Masculine suit. Swords typically represent intellect, reason, mental clarity, and the sciences. They may also represent conflicts surrounding the questioner.

The Queens typically concern women: mothers, sisters, or female friends. They may represent feminine sensuality, feminine instinct and intuition, female independence, freedom and intellect, and pure motherly virtues such as kindness and love.

Quick thinker. Organised. Perceptive. Independent.

The Queen of Swords may depict a woman in the questioner’s life or the questioner themselves. She is a clever, independent, quick thinker who may operate in an intellectual arena such as higher education, or the sciences. She has an unusual clarity of mind and is a free thinker. The Queen of Swords may also refer to a familiarity with sorrow or reflecting on sorrows. She may represent a warning, a self-protection, or a test. She may represent putting thoughts into action, or new ideas or a new enterprise.

Second Force: The Empress

Mothering. Fertility. Sexuality. Abundance. Material prosperity. Pleasure. Comfort. Power. Nature. Delight. Desire. Physical attraction. Health. Sensuality. Beauty. Satisfaction. Femininity.

The Empress represents fertile nature, a fruitful motherly figure who nurtures, sustains, and feeds others. She is often shown as pregnant. She represents the creation of life, romance, art, or business. She may represent the germination of an idea. She is the mother-goddess, and represents Venus, Ishtar, Isis, and many other mother-goddess figures, including Demeter, mother of Persephone, who when Persephone was kidnapped, kept the Earth cold and barren until the Spring, when her child was returned. In this, she represents the cyclical nature of the natural world, Summer and Winter, life and death. She may represent the chaotic nature of the life force itself, the uncontrollable aspect of nature, or refer to an object of desire.

Conclusion: Nine of Cups (Reversed)

Greed. Dissatisfaction. Materialism.

The questioner may have achieved their dreams but still feel unsatisfied and want more. This card can be a warning against greed and materialism, or taking a partner for granted. It advises the questioner to appreciate what they have, because they may not have it forever.

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